Great Italian chocolate:
the delights of Re Giorgio

Passion for goodness, wonder of the senses

Choosing among Re Giorgio’s products means loving the highest quality of Italian chocolate. There are so many, we could say infinite, because every day an ancient recipe can turn into something new, never seen before, with a note of flavor, aroma, emotion different from yesterday. It is the great crown of delights of Re Giorgio, the court of the great Italian chocolate. Where quality is much more than a goal: it is a starting point to reach ever higher levels, experiencing every day the joy of creating wonder for the senses of those who love real Italian chocolate, real Turin chocolate.

So … good choice among King George’s delights!


Beautiful, intense and immediate as a smile. Arancino is like Re Giorgio’s smile: joyful but measured, full of sweetness but always careful to preserve the harmony of opposites, from which the perfection of taste is born. Candied orange peel, covered with dark chocolate. Impossible to resist, impossible not to smile at harmony.

Bon Bon al Rum

In the Bon Bon al Rum of Re Giorgio there is all the flavor of the Piedmontese tradition, of that ancient wisdom which, touching to perfection, unites chocolate and rum in admirable harmony: above and below , two meringue cakes; inside, soft ganache cream based on rum. And this thrill of incomparable and intense pleasure. You already feel it, don’t you.


Exotic and intense pleasure. On the outside, a delicate milk or dark chocolate cover. Inside, white chocolate, almond and coconut cream. With the final touch of a delicious grated coconut decoration..

Crema del Re

It’s the queen of spreads, it’s no coincidence that it’s called Crema del Re. Delicate, very pure, essential, absolutely natural and strictly without preservatives (and you can immediately see it from the light layer of oil that forms on the surface). The most classic is based on hazelnuts, but it is not the only one: the Crema del Re is also made with almonds, coffee, pistachio… Inimitable in taste, unequaled in the pleasure it provides you. In a teaspoon, all the happiness you imagine, all to be spread.

Conca d'Oro

Sublime praline coated in 54% dark chocolate, with a milk and white chocolate center and candied orange peel. It’s a flavor you don’t expect, because one appearance deceives the other, in appearance, in name, in the wonderful overlap of flavors. You have to know how to go further with the look and with the thought, even before involving the other senses. And then, by magic, everything will combine in an intoxicating harmony and everything will make sense. Starting with the name, Conca d’Oro, like the region of Sicily where the oranges that give the precious zest come from. And then the lemony flavor, light, fresh and delicately delicious.


Three layers of pleasure form the most famous and popular chocolate. But beware, Re Giorgio’s Cremino is never trivial: the three layers of pleasure combine in an infinite number of variables, from Gianduja to coffee, from orange to pistachio, from nougat to crunchy. And that’s just the beginning of a world of flavors you’ll get lost in.


54% dark chocolate shell, filled with dark or milk chocolate, with nut grains. It is the winter taste par excellence, but it can vary without limits to the imagination, with fruit, cedar, strawberry or the exotic temptation of mango. It is a hemisphere and you will immediately seek the other half, but that will not be enough for you, you will seek more, to pursue a single pleasure, whole, never suspended, never halfway.


All the nature of Piedmont and the refinement of the best cocoa. Superlative flavor essence: exclusive Piedmont hazelnut, coated in 54% dark chocolate.


Candied ginger, covered with dark chocolate. A spice rich in properties and exotic atmospheres, combined with the finest Re Giorgio chocolate. Each of the two elements, in itself, would be a strong temptation: together they become irresistible. A real tempting devil.


Enveloping, bewitching, created to capture your senses and take possession of them, asking for nothing in return but your joy. Delicate praline with a base of dark or milk chocolate and a filling of chopped almonds and hazelnuts. When you realize you are in love with it, it will be too late.

Gelatina di frutta

The secret lies in the sensation you feel when you bite it: if at that moment, at that unique and unrepeatable moment when you take the first bite, you feel the sensation of biting a freshly picked fruit, then it is a jellied fruit. of the Re Giorgio. Very high percentage of fruit, sweet, aggressive in its delicacy, authentic force of nature.

Gianduiotto estruso

This is the oldest recipe. The mixture brought to life by the royal couple, the chocolate of Re Giorgio and the queen of Piedmont hazelnuts, does not flow into a mold but rests naturally on a plate. The result is the extruded Gianduiotto, significantly softer than the classic and more popular Gianduiotto. Wonder of the senses.


The chocolate of Re Giorgio, made from the careful selection of the best cocoa beans, meets the queen hazelnut of Piedmont, the hazelnut of the Langhe, to give life to the symbol of chocolate from Turin, one of the best known and loved in the world. whole. Here, the Re Giorgio cocoa mix stands out unequivocally for true connoisseurs.

Giorgio e Bruna

They are the couple of love: for taste, for beauty, for life. A pair of indivisible and complementary pralines, each with its own specific individuality but united to the other in the completeness of an entity that sublimates itself as a whole. Giorgio: 54% dark chocolate in the shell and in the cream inside, with aromas of dried fruits. Bruna: milk chocolate shell, bottom interior in milk and white chocolate with crunchy grains, rich in fruity aromas.


Heart of ganache with precious essences of mountain herbs, enclosed in a superlative coating of Gianduja. An exclusive alcoholic praline, with the authentic spirit of our Alps: there is the force of the wind, in the soul of Gustavo, then the austere profile of our peaks, softened by the refined and delicate crust that recalls the hills of the Langhe . There is the whole soul of Piedmont.


Dark or milk chocolate shell, filled with fine liqueurs. It is the harmony of opposites, the balance that comes from contrast, in the most typical tradition of Piedmontese pralines. It’s the magic of taste. It’s a spell, actually.


Real, immediate, all in one: whole chocolate, 54% dark chocolate, 70% or milk chocolate. The pure essence of Re Giorgio chocolate is offered in a collection of precious objects that will guide you on a wonderful journey into the richness of the most authentic signature chocolate.


Imagine an explosion of colors. No, not by eye: by taste. The color of the eyes is obvious, but to sublimate a color to the taste you need an ultrafine palate and, above all, a particular flavor. Re Giorgio macarons have the color of life, joy, ecstasy. These are not the colors you see: they are the ones you will discover. You will feel these colors explode in you from the first bite. Made with almond flour and with various fillings, also customizable. But above all with a very delicate crust and shell, which once broken release happiness. Not all macarons are like this. Those of Re Giorgio, yes they are.


The exaltation of flavor, ideal for superior tasting. A little more than a sheet of pleasure, in terms of thickness, but intense and infinite for the pleasure it releases. The variety is great: 70% dark, 54% dark, milk… and in some cases there is also the filling. Already the fodder. Not everyone can do it, with the Napolitains, Re Giorgio can it.


The synthesis of the praline par excellence and all that it can offer you. Opera captivates you with its dark or milk chocolate shell, then seduces you with a spectacular variety of fillings: from pistachio to milk cream, from milk and dark base with chopped almonds to fortified fillings. Enveloping pleasure, perfect harmony, a work of art.


It can be decorated or not, depending on the type, the era and the imagination of our Pastry Chef. But what matters is its essence, praline in a dark chocolate shell and filled with caramel, or cream with a dark base, hazelnut or Piedmontese liqueur. Quadrotto in name, but in reality it is a real work of art, in which the geometry of the shapes defies the most intense and bewitching flavor.


Light, playful, gourmet: dark chocolate heart with caramelized puffed rice, covered in milk chocolate. The crunchiness that adorns the surface suggests a journey through time, that of childhood, which, precisely in the sincerity of the flavors, restores to you the space of lively and intense pleasure. A space just for you.


Special extruded praline, oval like an endless harmony, or like a wide and luminous eye that looks for you with joy and with the promise of intense pleasure. A promise that keeps from the first bite: 54% dark chocolate shell, covered with pistachio or white chocolate, in an infinite variety of flavors.

Stella croccante

Praliné cut with a crunchy base, for a pleasure that envelops the senses, but never satiates you. Dark or milk chocolate, with chopped almonds and hazelnuts. Delicate but intense, to make you feel all the sweetness of caramel. Crunchy, yes, but above all it is a star: it can become the reference of your gluttony or illuminate a love that will last forever.


Five as a prime number that indicates perfection, like the circles of the Olympic Games, like the fingers of the hand, like the spans of the pentagram. Five hazelnuts from Piedmont, coated in dark or milk chocolate. A symphony of taste, creative perfection, inexorable goodness, to be savored slowly, calling on all your senses (five, in fact) for an unforgettable moment of pleasure.


Big, beautiful, infinite: to be broken as you want or as it comes, for a small but unforgettable explosion of happiness. Dark or milk chocolate, sprinkled with dried fruit: hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts… But Re Giorgio’s bar can also be personalized as desired, for example with juicy fresh fruit.


The variety is virtually endless. Dark 54, 70, 85, 100%, milk, Gianduja, raspberry, strawberry, puffed rice, whole hazelnuts, dried fruits, dried figs. Chocolate of single origin or in the characteristic blend of Re Giorgio, always obtained from the careful selection of the best cocoa beans from different parts of the world.


All the pleasure of classic Piedmont nougat, covered in Re Giorgio dark chocolate. An alliance of authentic flavors, sincere as friendship. This strong, intense and indissoluble link, which combines the emotion of the most refined chocolate with the inspiration of a tradition that will never cease to amaze.

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