Turin Chocolate,

Royal couple

That typical Turin passion for chocolate in everyday life

Saying chocolate is saying Turin: chocolate Turin could be a brand. And perhaps a brand, Torino chocolate, really is. Maybe it’s not a company brand, but it certainly is a brand… how can I say?? A moral one! A moral brand, the result of a love at first sight between chocolate and Turin, when the former had recently arrived in Italy and Turin was preparing to lead it, Italy. Chocolate becomes king in Turin. And chocolate and Turin immediately become a royal couple, to the point of identifying with a wonderful way of being.

From here, from this tradition that unites chocolate and the first capital of Italy in an almost ancestral way, the story of Re Giorgio Chocolate starts. It comes from the typically Turin passion that makes us say “Let’s not overdo it”, but then makes us overdo it, in the passion for the work, for our land, for the quality of what we do.

Re Giorgio Chocolate was born from the passion of two young Turiner, Luca and Cosimo, but here the names do not matter because the value is, in fact, in the passion that makes great things happen. Luca and Cosimo’s passion is for chocolate, for tradition and above all for quality. And then there is another passion, that of Re Giorgio, who in this case is not a brand but a man in flesh and blood and with a heart of chocolate: he is Mr. Giorgio, but for us now he is Re George, great Master Chocolatier and king of chocolate of Turin, together with his queen, Bruna. Luca and Cosimo worked with Giorgio and Bruna and from this royal couple they learned the art of chocolate. Which is not just knowing how to make quality chocolate: it’s living it, chocolate!

Moral of the story (which really looks like a fairy tale as much as it is beautiful), of that royal couple our two young friends Luca and Cosimo soon become squires, then knights, then even heirs. It is a real investiture, that of Re Giorgio towards Luca and Cosimo: and thus Re Giorgio Chocolate was born, a brand that combines royal quality and “Turin style”, tradition and rigorous attention to the highest quality. Which is to say precisely Turin chocolate, the only great blend of ancient values and courage in bringing innovation to the entire sector: Re Giorgio in the Carmagnola laboratory or in the Turin boutique in via Pietro Micca to dispense experience, secret recipes, wonderful craftsmanship; and his heirs Luca and Cosimo, together with a handful of master chocolatiers, pastry chefs and ice cream makers committed to innovating that invaluable experience, bringing it into the future and into the world

Chocolate is serious business.

Especially in Turin

That magnificent obsession with quality

That’s how we are in Turin, we are never satisfied and we want to do things better than everyone else. Imagine chocolate, which in Turin is part of the history and, we would dare to say, of the real soul of the city. Sometimes, with this obsession with quality that we have always carried within us, as Turin citizen end up being a bit unpleasant, but in the end everyone must recognize that, when there is work to be done and to do things well, nobody is better than us.

And it is precisely the healthy obsession with quality that is the basis of the story of Re Giorgio Chocolate. But it is not enough to say it, because when it comes to quality, everyone is good: you have to look for quality at every step. You have to build it, demonstrate it, confirm it, protect it and never get tired of trying to improve it, even when it seems to have already reached the maximum, without neglecting any detail, right from the start.

For example, do you know what a good master chocolatier looks like in the first place? From his ability to know how to choose the finest cocoa beans. Re Giorgio selects the highest quality raw material by choosing it from the best plantations around the world. And with the same care he chooses the quality of all the other ingredients of his priceless crown of delights.

Value is in tradition

Excellence of Turin’s chocolate

Re Giorgio Chocolate in Turin is synonymous with craftsmanship of taste. Re Giorgio’s creations, his inimitable crown of delights, arise from the tradition of the highest Piedmontese chocolate shop and from his infinite craftsmanship. In every recipe, in every gesture of a poetic and ancient manual skill, in every Gianduiotto as well as in every praline, there is all the value of a story of passion. The passion for the excellence of the most authentic Turin chocolate.

Strength is in innovation

Re Giorgio develops the idea of chocolate

This is precisely the strength of Re Giorgio Chocolate Turin: the desire to go further, to preserve a tradition but also to innovate it, to offer an ever new pleasure and satisfy the most demanding customers, those who know the value of tradition but love to experience the strength of novelty.

Recipes are the ancient ones, but the flavours, the emotions, the pleasures go further. Re Giorgio always tells us that creating chocolate means creating wonder.

Here, we want to create wonder by bringing innovation to the world of chocolate. But always under the guidance of a King.

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