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Value is in the name, in the face, in the heart

Welcome to Re Giorgio’s Blog! Welcome to a world of authentic values. Yes, because Re Georgio’s Blog is much more than a place for sharing. When Re Giorgioe, with his posts, tells us about his chocolate or sings the note of a fragrance or paints the royal flavor of his ice cream, he gives us his passion. For us it is chocolate, aroma, taste: for him it is passion. But an authentic, strong, irresistible passion, which immediately becomes ours..

Here, this is the purpose of Re Giorgio’s Blog: sharing passion, to make it vibrate within us, so that when we taste its delights, our senses immediately catch the wonder of a work of art. Because a brand can apparently say many things, but then you have to see what’s behind it. While the value, the authentic one, is in the name, in the face, in the heart. The big heart of King George.


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